7 Step Ultrabond Pad

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Marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, quartz, epoxy & hydraulic polishing pad.

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  • Manufacturer
  • External diameter
    • 180 mm (7 inches)
  • Abrasive Grain
    • 60 grit
    • 120 grit
    • 220 grit
    • 400 grit
    • 800 grit
    • 1800 grit
    • 3500 grit

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Manufacturer: Abrasivos Alicante, S.L.
External diameter: 180 mm (7 inches)

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Fast and Flexible

They adapt perfectly to undulations or irregularities of the pavement, achieving ultra-fast polishing and shine.

Maximum Savings

This simple system reduces the number of passes to achieve the desired shine and polish reducing time and costs, as well as 100% spending on chemicals.


Non-slip floors, safe to traffic and free of accidents, both wet and dry.

Dry or Wet

The use of chemical products is not necessary. Avoid chemical odors and stains. We recommend working dry on concrete and with water supply for the rest of the surfaces.

Mirror Shine

Thanks to the ULTRABOND technology, the desired level of shine is achieved, including a MIRROR SHINE on the most difficult surfaces.

All Machines

It is not necessary to invest in new machinery to start using this novel Floor Polishing and maintenance


7 step ultrabond pad is a revolutionary diamond product for the maintenance and polishing of hard surfaces, using a novel ecological polishing system: ULTRABOND ECO-SYSTEM.

This product can be used in all types of material: marble, granite, terrazzo, concrete, quartz, epoxy, hydraulic, etc. 

Recommended speed: 200-2000 r.p.m


  • A controlled and homogeneous dispersion of the diamond makes this technology the perfect combination to achieve superior Diamond Resin Abrasives.
  • It allows the exact dispersion and positioning of the diamond grits on the outside of a network type support with an open structure ULTRABOND ECO-SYSTEM.
  • Revolutionary polishing system in seven steps. Time reduction and cost savings compared to the use of traditional abrasives for polishing and shining surfaces 7 steps system. 
  • Individual identification by marking and color code, informing of the corresponding grit/step. 
  • Ecological. This product does not contain substances prohibited according to the regulation (CE) nº1907 / 2006


Recommendations for use

Diamond grit 30

Eliminates very deep scratches. Leaves the surface very rough.

Diamond grit 60

Eliminates deep scratches. Leaves the surface rough.

Diamond grit 120

Quickly remove scratches. Leaves the surface with fine scratches.

Diamond grit 220

Eliminates fine lines. Leaves the surface smooth without lines.

Diamond grit 400

Polishes and removes fine lines. Leaves the surface smooth with a slight shine.

Diamond grit 800

Polishes and leaves the surface very smooth with a satin shine.

Diamond grit 1800

Polishes and leaves the surface with a high shine.

Diamond grit 3500

Crystallizes and leaves the surface with a mirror shine.

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