Coor Blue Base

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Crystallizer Base for dirty marble, and terrazzo floors

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Manufacturer: Coor & Kleever

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Crystal shine

Extra hard floor for heavy traffic

Does not slip or leave footprints

Easy application


It removes all kind of dirt residues from the pavement, sealing the pores and creating a crystallization base which improves and makes easier the further crystallization with Marble Crystallizer Coor Pink Base or Marble Crystallizer Coor White Base. It must be always used when a floor is crystallized for first time, even if the floor has been previously polished or stripped, and also in re-crystallization works when the floor is very dirty. Developed for dirty marble, and terrazzo floors.


Shake the product vigorously and use it pure. 

Instructions for use 

Pour or squirt a small quantity of Coor Base Azul marble crystallizer on 3 or 4 m² (10 to 15 sq feet), and with a polishing machine provided with steel wool, spread uniformly from left to right and form top to bottom, until it dries and the expected shine appears.